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Tracy Conkin

Tracy is the president of D&S Plants. She spent 15 years as an intelligence officer within the Department of Defense in the Washington, DC, area. She is a US Navy veteran who serviced with Naval Special Warfare units in western Iraq. Prior to her time in DoD, she spent 10 years in competitive intelligence, marketing, customer service, and sales.

Ivy Nix

Ivy is our warehouse manager and field technician. She enjoys working with plants and spending time in nature. She has a horticulture degree and is always try to learn something new with her houseplants and her outdoor garden. 

Seth Clarke

Seth is the sales and marketing manager at D&S Plants. He oversees new business developments as well as new partnerships. He is an Atlanta transplant from Nashville, TN and is making his mark in the horticulture industry with D&S Plants. Send him an email for new plant installations, container/plant upgrades, or if you're looking to partner with us!

Nick Nguyen

Nick is one of our field technicians. He likes plants and enjoys watching movies on Netflix. 

Jennifer Hurley

Jennifer is the technician and customer service manager for D&S Plants. She is a certified horticulturist in the State of Georgia who has over 15 years of experience working with interior and exterior plants as well as extensive customer service experience. She oversees the maintenance technicians and fosters good relations with our customers.

Virgil Morgan

Virgil is one of our technicians.

Clarence Conkin

Clarence has owned D&S Plants since 1985 and retired 3 years ago. He served two terms as President of Atlanta Interior Landscape Association; Previously, beginning in 1977, Senior Vice President at major regional insurance company; Prior management responsibilities with large national insurance company.

Tori LaColla

Tori is one of our field technicians. She is currently finishing up her degree in Environmental Horticulture. As a Service Technician, she loves to meet new people who also have a love for plants whether they’re novices or long-time gardeners! While she finds it hard to pick one favorite plant, she’s most drawn to plants with large foliage and plants that trail & climb.

Our Team

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Our Process

Our team of horticulture experts facilitate foliage selection and delivery from our suppliers, guaranteeing maximum account servicing and quality of product. This process ensures quick response on new installations and quality products for our green program. 

We accommodate service routes and maintenance schedules to best suit your operation.

We give clients our upmost attention and work hard to satisfy their needs. 

Complementary Consultation

Meet with our team to work through which plants will work best for your space.


Custom Plantscape Design

Our team of experts facilitate foliage selection and generate you a custom design through our platform.


Complete Service and Maintenance

Once the plants are placed, our bio-techs take over and maintain your plants between once a week to once a month, depending on the plants and space.


The Finishing

We'll follow up with you to see if there's anything more you need and talk with you about our holiday decor selection!

Create a living workspace with plants.

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